‚ÄčWelcome to Kirsch Drums! You've found a different kind of drum builder. I take pride in building not just a drum, but a musical instrument. Our drums are designed making sound the first priority. I combine the physics applied to other acoustic instruments with precision craftsmanship and an understanding of the history of drum building. This approach produces a highly dynamic and flexible drum. Easy tuning at multiple pitches, warm balanced overtones and quality sound in the studio, come from evolving the way that most drums are built. Like the spacing of frets on the neck of a guitar, physics make the design. Acoustic design is the key to what we do. That's what leads me to designing three pure and simple drum lines, with the purpose of providing a musically balanced and reliable drumming experience. These are time tested and hardworking drums, for hardworking drummers. For the quality sound, feel and timeless look, you won't find a kit this competitively priced.
Now, even though I have my way of doing things, I also have an unending desire to learn and do more with drums. Nobody throws more challenges at me and expands my knowledge, more than custom order customers. While building and managing Key Drums models with the crew, I'll personally be building one-off snares and kits when the inspiration hits, and I'll also be opening around 25 slots for custom build commissions in 2018. Custom orders are built by my hands, to your design. I only do a small number of custom kits each year because I like to work close with customers to understand and achieve the specific sound and look they need.