​​When it comes to modern drums, there are a lot of beautiful shells with cool looking parts. In reality, it takes so much more than that to make an instrument that tunes, sounds and feels the way it should. An instrument that's flexible, reliable and inspiring to play. As a drummer and a builder, I've played, built, restored and tested just about every possible configuration and brand. This knowledge and experience, along with the experiences of thousands of customers, goes into the building and design of our three workhorse models. Each of these fill a key area in any drummers sound. These drums are hand built in small batches of five to ten kits and snares, by myself and my team. These small runs give us the ability to create unique pieces that meet the sound and visual quality standards of a custom order, while keeping the price attainable. 

The Key To Your Sound

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​Email for a quote at kirschdrums@gmail.com